Thumb Sucking and Your Child’s Teeth

October , 2014

The world of orthodontics hears a lot of questions about thumb sucking and how it may affect a child’s dental development. At Castilla Orthodontics, we commonly field questions on the subject from concerned parents. Since great dental care is a collaboration between patient, parents, and practitioner, we thought putting together a list of some frequently […]

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What is the Best Treatment Option for Protruded Upper Teeth?

September , 2014

Protruded upper teeth (also known as “buck” teeth) are characterized by the upper teeth protruding or extending too far forward in relation to the lower teeth. At Castilla Orthodontics we have heard and seen concerns about protruded upper teeth for a host of reasons. While cosmetic reasons do come into play, Dr. Castilla is mostly […]

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Teen Trivia: Test Yourself!

July , 2014

Knowledge is power. When your child wears her braces for the first time, she may feel a little uncertain about this new accessory. What better way to build her confidence than information? Arm her with these fun facts (and adults are welcome to partake as well!) Get warmed up with your orthodontic history 1) When […]

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Why Orthodontic Treatment?

June , 2014

At Castilla Orthodontics, we understand what a commitment orthodontic treatment is, but we also understand the priceless value of a beautiful smile and a healthy bite. There are many health-related and social reasons for receiving orthodontic treatment. Here are a few on the top of our list: Put your best face forward No matter your […]

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Getting to Know Your Palatal Expander

January , 2014

A palatal expander is an important orthodontic appliance that may not be well known. Salem Orthodontist Dr. Castilla and her team have in-depth experience with palatal expanders for treatment of children, teens, and adults. What is a Palatal Expander? Simply put, a palatal expander is an orthodontic appliance used to widen the upper jaw. Most commonly […]

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Retainers Keep Their Importance After Orthodontic Treatment

December , 2013

Once your braces are finally removed, it might be tempting to believe that you are fully done with your orthodontic care. However, Salem orthodontist Dr. Ana Castilla and her team at Castilla Orthodontics strongly encourage all patients to “retain” these important facts about wearing retainers after orthodontic care. What is a Retainer? Retainers are appliances […]

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Welcome to Castilla Orthodontics

November , 2013

Welcome to Castilla Orthodontics, the office of Salem Orthodontist Ana E. Castilla, DDS, MS. We are happily accepting new patients! A Salem Tradition in Orthodontic Care Dr. Castilla recently acquired the practice from Dr. Steven Campbell, DDS (Campbell Orthodontics) who is now retired after 30 years of serving the Salem, Oregon community. Salem orthodontist Dr. Castilla […]

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