Each child is unique, even when they are the same age and gender, and their teeth and bite are no different. That is why Salem Orthodontist Dr. Castilla and the American Association of Orthodontics recommend that each child have their first orthodontic visit at the age of 7, in order to evaluate how the jaws and teeth are developing.

Some orthodontic problems are simply easier to correct if they’re corrected early. As a Board-Certified Orthodontist, Dr. Castilla is trained to identify problems early in a child’s development. This is important because early correction can prevent more severe problems from occurring later on. If the timing for treatment is ideal, Dr. Castilla will explain all the treatment details as well as the time frame required. Because your child has both adult and baby teeth at this time in their lives, braces are not placed on all teeth but only on a few select teeth that will help address the specific problem. Sometimes, appliances such as expanders may be needed in addition to braces.

If it is not the right time for treatment, Dr. Castilla will monitor your child’s growth and development at 6 to 12 month intervals to determine the ideal time for treatment to start. This can be a great time for your young child to become comfortable with orthodontic office visits and establish a relationship with both Dr. Castilla and her team.

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Dr. Castilla with a patient