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Here’s what our patients have to say:

“My experience was great. Everyone is so nice, and I always love coming in. I’m so glad now I have a great smile. Thank you.”
-Ella M., Stayton, OR

“My overall experience was wonderful and I am very pleased and thankful for my new and better smile! The staff at Castilla Orthodontics were always positive, funny, warm, and welcoming.”
-Phoebe M., Stayton, OR

“I’m very happy with my results! I enjoyed being here because everyone was so friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend Castilla Orthodontics to others.”
-Daisy C., Salem, OR

“I needed treatment with braces to save my teeth. They were so crooked that only 2 teeth in my entire mouth met when I bit down. Dr Solanky recommended I come here, and I have really enjoyed my experience. All of the staff and Dr. Castilla are so friendly and the office is so up to date on the latest technology. I don’t think I could have had a better experience anywhere!”
-Shana R., Dallas, OR

“I really liked how everyone was so nice to me here, and I’m totally satisfied with the end result. Definitely would recommend this place to my friends for their braces.”
~Grace M., Woodburn, OR

“Everyone here was very friendly and helped to make this experience a good one. I love that my teeth look so much prettier now. Thank you!”
~Belle H., Dallas, OR

“The staff here is amazing. They have made treatment very enjoyable. My teeth look great and I am so pleased with the results from wearing braces!”
~Rosita O., Salem, OR

“My experience with Castilla Orthodontics has been nothing short of awesome. She has a precise idea and she goes with it. The staff here has been so welcoming and open armed. My teeth look amazing, thank you!”
~Akela B., Salem, OR

“Thank you Dr. Castilla and staff for aiding me in my now perfect smile. Having decided to get braces instead of implants due to not having adult molars was an excellent decision, a more natural decision, and I smile confidently now. Beautiful work and great service. Thank you, thank you.”
~Jennifer M., Salem, OR

“Best place- awesome staff! Would recommend to everyone!”
~Nickie W., Salem, OR

“We absolutely love this orthodontist office!! We have had nothing but great experiences every time we go in! My daughter is happy and has felt great about the whole experience. The staff is all very friendly and welcoming!!”
~Jessica A., Sublimity, OR

“I came in for work that was badly needed on my teeth. With Castilla Orthodontics, I was able to not only fix the problem; I was able to gain a wonderful smile from it. It’s been a long journey but well worth the trip.”
~Brendan S., Salem, OR

“I loved this place and my new smile! The people here are really nice and friendly. You’re amazing!”
~Claire A., Salem, OR

“I think the staff are amazing! You guys are so kind and make sure everything is ‘OK’ with life. My teeth results was a drastic change. My teeth are so much better and it just shows how well Castilla Ortho is!! Thanks again guys. You’re amazing!!!!”
~Harmony C., Salem, OR

“I had a great experience at Castilla Orthodontics. The staff were always so friendly when I would come in, and they always made my day even better. I love my new smile and I’m looking forward to my braces-free future!”
~Elizabeth R., Keizer, OR

“I really appreciated that all the staff were friendly and did their best to help you have a good experience. They were very thorough and made sure that I looked my best.”
~Kaitlyn Y., Keizer, OR

“I am very satisfied with the results I got after having undergone orthodontic care. The team did really good and never hesitated to help with anything I needed. The environment is very friendly and so is the staff. I really enjoyed my experience with Castilla Orthodontics.”
~Kourtney H., Stayton, OR

“I came here on a field trip in 3rd grade and then I said I was coming here if I ever needed braces! I came here in 6th grade for braces and since then I’ve had a wonderful time and there isn’t one thing that hurts too bad. I love all the amazing, caring, staff. I’m very happy with my teeth’s results!”
~Jami B., Salem, OR

“The staff is wonderful! Everyone always made me feel so welcome and were willing to answer any questions I had. Makes me sad I won’t be seeing you all as often. Thanks for all the fun!”
~Elysia G., Keizer, OR

“I’ve been going here since I was eight-years-old and I’ve always love coming! Everyone who works here was always been so nice and helpful! I love my final result. You all did an amazing job. Thank you for helping my smile throughout the years.”
~Hunter M., West Linn, OR

“My experience being here was really fun; especially the staff because they were always nice and friendly. In the end, my teeth ended up being straight which I really like. Thank you guys so much.”
~Abe C., Aurora, OR

“I had a great experience. I really enjoyed having braces. I enjoyed the monthly trivia. I’m very happy with my new teeth and smile.”
~Kianna W., Dallas, OR

“My experience here was fun. I loved all the staff; they were all nice and sweet. I like how you would get coins and could get things.”
~Ayisha W., Dallas, OR

“Everything was really great! The office staff is great and they always make me smile. I enjoyed my time here and felt like everything went very smooth.”
~Sierra L., Silverton, OR

“I had a great experience at Castilla Orthodontics and I am very thankful for the time given to get the great smile I now have!”
~Lacy C., Stayton, OR

“My teeth were really bad before I had braces but now they are awesome and straight!!!!”
~Madison L., Salem, OR

“Everything was excellent. I loved the results, and everybody who works here. Highly recommend.”
~Erik M., Salem, OR

“Ever since I was a kid, I always had a number one dream. And it was to have perfect teeth. Thank you so much all staff for making the experience a fun one. Better yet, thanks for making my dream come true.”
~Klarissa S., Salem, OR

“My experience was amazing! Everyone here is always so nice and genuine. I am happy with getting my braces from Castilla Orthodontics. My time here was enjoyable even though dealing with my braces was a chore. Being here made me feel that none of that matters because I was getting the best treatment. Now my smile is better than ever! Thank you!”
~Brenna C.

“Bringing my daughters here after my amazing experience was without a doubt the best choice. The staff treated our family the best! They really care and are concerned with everyone and their individual needs. Best in the North West. Can’t say enough kind words!”
~Jessica B




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