Invisalign Vs. Smile Direct Club

Are you having trouble deciding between Invisalign vs. Smile Direct Club? At Castilla Orthodontics, we are dedicated to educating our patients about the latest advancements in the orthodontic industry, as well as offering affordable orthodontic treatment in Salem that can accommodate any budget. Here are some things you should consider in deciding between Invisalign with an orthodontist like Dr. Castilla vs. Smile Direct Club.

Where Can I Find Out About Invisalign Vs. Smile Direct Club Near Me?

Our team at Castilla Orthodontics specializes in Invisalign and Invisalign Teen in Salem, OR. As a leading Salem orthodontist, Dr. Castilla is experienced in all forms of orthodontic care and is constantly improving her skills with advanced training. Castilla Orthodontics provides supervised treatment with Invisalign by an orthodontic specialist that has received the necessary education and training to help guarantee the best possible results. We offer free consultations where we can discuss all of your options for achieving your smile goals.

How are Invisalign and Smile Direct Club Similar?

The Invisalign system uses sets of removable, clear aligners to provide the same results as traditional braces. Because the aligners are clear and there is no metal, it is difficult to see them, especially from a distance or in photography. Thus, they are considered a more esthetic or discreet option for orthodontic treatment. Because they are removable, there are no food restrictions and teeth cleaning is much easier.  Each set of aligners is made of a smooth and lightweight high-tech plastic material called Smart Track that gently and gradually shift teeth into alignment. Both Invisalign and Invisalign Teen use this advanced material so you can be certain your teen is receiving the latest technology treatment. Smile Direct Club also uses a set of clear aligners to achieve straight teeth and therefore have all the same benefits of esthetics and removability as Invisalign.  However, it does not use the Smart Track material used by Invisalign.

How are Invisalign and Smile Direct Club different?

Aside from the actual material used to fabricate the aligners, Invisalign and Smile Direct Club have many other differences. Below are some of the major differences:

Cost of Invisalign Vs. Smile Direct Club

While Smile Direct Club is less expensive overall than traditional Invisalign treatment, it is not fair to compare the fees since you are getting two completely different products. Furthermore, you may be surprised to learn that on a monthly basis, Invisalign can still be very affordable. At Castilla Orthodontics, we offer industry-leading financing that allows our patients to afford their treatment even if they don’t have insurance by taking advantage of our in-house, zero-interest, flexible financing. In fact, you can get started with Invisalign for as little as $500 down!

Getting Started with Invisalign or Smile Direct Club

With Smile Direct Club, you have to visit a Smile Shop to get a digital scan of your teeth and bite or if you don’t live near one, then you will receive a kit that allows you to take impressions (molds) of your teeth at home. This  can lead to some frustration and even inaccuracies, especially since you’ve probably never done this yourself. With Invisalign, instead of visiting a Smile Shop, you visit a doctor’s office where you get to meet the doctor who will be doing the treatment and they will take scans of your teeth as well as x-rays to make sure you don’t have any cavities or periodontal (gum) disease that could make it dangerous to move teeth.

Convenience of Invisalign Vs. Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club is designed to eliminate visits to an orthodontist by allowing treatment to be completed from home. Once your aligners are ready, you will receive your aligners in the mail and then the rest is up to you. You can send pictures via email to the dental professional at Smile Direct Club so they can check your progress, but of course this is a limited way to examine your teeth and bite. With Invisalign, you go to your orthodontist’s office to get your aligners. During this visit, your orthodontist will check your aligners in person, to make sure they are fitting great and there are no issues. There is a misconception that with Invisalign, you have to have monthly visits with your doctor, but nothing could be further from the truth! At Castilla Orthodontics, our Invisalign patients come to our office every 12 to 15 weeks for progress checks. Thus, you have the convenience of not having to go to your doctor every month and the security of having your doctor available in person, should you have a question, concern, or issue with your treatment.

Level of Supervision of Invisalign Vs. Smile Direct Club

If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment, you can call Smile Direct Club where they have multiple customer care representatives that can assist you. You can even email your provider. With Invisalign, you can call or email your doctor’s office as well.  However, you also have the option of seeing your doctor in person so that he or she can directly, and in person, examine you to see what is going on with your aligners, your teeth, or your treatment in general. Furthermore, your orthodontist is available to directly communicate with your primary care dentist should you get dental work during treatment that affects the fit of your aligners, or if you are planning cosmetic work after you straighten your teeth such as composite build-ups or porcelain veneers.

Capabilities of Invisalign Vs. Smile Direct Club

By its very nature, Smile Direct Club aligner treatment does not involve x-rays, elastics, or attachments. Attachments are small, tooth-colored ridges made of dental composite resin, a material very similar to what your dentist uses for tooth-colored fillings, that are bonded or glued to certain teeth during Invisalign treatment. These are used only on certain teeth which require more difficult movements and being tooth-colored, blend in with your teeth. Thus, Smile Direct Club treatment is limited to more simple cases where you are mainly improving the alignment of the front teeth and not necessarily fixing the bite. On the other hand, Invisalign can treat all types of cases, including advanced cases. This is due to their well-adapting material, the use of attachments, and the direct in-person supervision of an orthodontist.

Why Choose Invisalign With A Certified Orthodontist?

While Dr. Castilla and the team at Castilla Orthodontics do not have anything negative to say about Smile Direct Club, it is important to understand that this type of treatment is not for everyone. If you are looking for cosmetic improvement and not bite correction or ideal alignment of your teeth, then Smile Direct Club may be an acceptable option. However, it is important that you are very careful and make sure your teeth and gums are healthy enough to undergo orthodontic movement safely. Since your doctor will be monitoring you remotely and without x-rays, you will have to figure this out on your own by contacting your family dentist. If you are looking for bite correction to get a healthy bite that will help you keep your teeth for a lifetime, as well as beautifully aligned teeth (not just a cosmetic improvement), then Invisalign treatment with a certified orthodontist such as Dr. Castilla is the way to go.

Finding the Difference of Invisalign Vs. Smile Direct Club

In conclusion, Dr. Castilla and our team at Castilla Orthodontics are experts in various forms of affordable orthodontic treatment, including limited orthodontic treatment for minor to moderate corrections. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding Invisalign and Invisalign Teen in Salem, Woodburn, Keizer, Sublimity, Mt. Angel, Dallas, and the surrounding areas of Marion County.

Can Pre-Teens Get Invisalign Too?

There is no “yes-or-no” answer. The decision, ultimately, will be made by the patient’s parents and their dentist or orthodontist. As long as your pre-teen has a fully developed set of teeth, Invisalign can be used in treatment. Invisalign clear aligners are generally safe for developing pre-teens, and the resulting tooth placement lasts a very long time. A consultation with Dr. Ana Castilla and the team at Castilla Orthodontics can help you determine the best course of orthodontic treatment for your child in Marion County, OR.

Imagine being treated with a set of braces that are virtually undetectable.

That’s the beauty of Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign costs around the same as treatment with traditional braces, but is more discreet, more comfortable, and more easily worn than metal braces. Being treated with Invisalign in Marion County, OR by Dr. Ana Castilla of Castilla Orthodontics can correct a patient’s orthodontic issues without anyone ever noticing that they are wearing braces.

Invisalign clear aligners as an alternative to metal braces.

Image and self-esteem are critical personal issues for developing children, teens, and adults with a less-than-perfect smile. Dr. Ana Castilla says that the real appeal of Invisalign clear aligners is the freedom to eat and drink whatever you want without worrying about damaging your dental work. Invisalign Teen clear aligners are removable by the wearer, making cleaning, eating, and active pursuits more comfortable.

Traditional braces are fixed.

That means they can’t be removed by the patient, and the various metal parts can cause irritation and pain in the mouth. Invisalign trays are made of clear plastic and can be removed and replaced at will. They only require a few simple cleanings each day that they are worn. And unlike braces, Invisalign clear aligners require only about 22 hours of use – less than the 24/7 hours presence of traditional metal braces.

Follow the instructions.

Pre-teens being treated with Invisalign risk interrupting the progress of their treatment by forgetting to wear the appliance. An Invisalign patient is afforded the opportunity to remove the trays before eating, and a pre-teen patient may forget to replace them in their mouth afterwards.

Assuming your pre-teen is qualified for treatment with Invisalign, make sure too that they understand how to wear, clean, and store the Invisalign trays. For some pre-teens, it is easy to follow instructions at home, but in school your child may forget some of the responsibilities that come with being treated with Invisalign. With conscientious care and application, your pre-teen’s treatment with Invisalign will ensure a great set of healthy, straight teeth that will serve them well for a lifetime.

Invisalign works well for adults and teens, but only a professional like Dr. Ana Castilla can help decide if Invisalign treatment in Marion County, OR is the correct course of action to take in regard to your child’s orthodontic care. To learn more about treatment with Invisalign, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ana Castilla, call Castilla Orthodontics in Marion County, OR at: 503.399.0721

How Old Does My Child Have to Be to Start Invisalign?

Dr. Ana E. Castilla and the professionals at Castilla Orthodontics near Stayton, OR have the skill and experience to start their younger patients on treatment with Invisalign clear aligners for their orthodontic treatment needs.


Treatment with Invisalign clear aligners is not indicated if a child has not yet lost all of their baby teeth (primary teeth), and full permanent dentition is not yet complete. A child’s full set of adult teeth (permanent teeth) typically is in position by the ages of twelve or thirteen years old. For those ages and up, treatment with Dr. Ana E. Castilla and Invisalign can be a convenient and effective method of orthodontic treatment.


Parents and treatment providers must always consider the maturity and ability level of a child when prescribing treatment with Invisalign. Invisalign is removable by the wearer for eating, brushing, flossing, and cleaning the aligner trays. That makes it easy to wear and maintain, but it is also a responsibility for the child to keep track of the tray when it is not being worn. The professionals at Castilla Orthodontics may be able to make replacement aligner trays, but they are expensive and the wait may delay the course of treatment.

Treatment with Invisalign

Invisalign clear aligner trays are virtually invisible to the casual observer. The trays are made of a thermoplastic material and fit snugly over the wearer’s teeth. They exert a gentle pressure to gradually and progressively move the teeth into a more natural position. A child being treated by Dr. Ana E. Castilla with Invisalign may experience less discomfort than with traditional braces. Kids can be active and social and not feel self-conscious that they are being treated for their orthodontic issues.


Dr. Ana E. Castilla and the team at Castilla Orthodontics near Stayton, OR are sensitive to the needs and lifestyles of all their active young patients. They understand the commitment required from a child toward their treatment, like that Invisalign clear aligners need to be worn 22 hours each day to be effective. Young patients being treated with Invisalign clear aligners rely on the supportive and compassionate care of Dr. Ana E. Castilla and the team at Castilla Orthodontics for the best treatment outcomes possible.


Results vary with each patient; typically treatment with Invisalign clear aligners provides approximately a 43% improvement compared to treatment with traditional braces, which has the potential to show a 90-95% improvement. Invisalign is not indicated in all cases of  malocclusions (e.g., crossbites). Depending on the treatment needs and goals of the patient, Invisalign is a manageable and comfortable method of orthodontic treatment for children.

A child’s life is complicated and can get more so with orthodontic treatment. Dr. Ana E. Castilla and everyone at Castilla Orthodontics know that treatment may be a necessity for a child, but it’s also an opportunity for them to learn responsibility and self-confidence while correcting their smiles. Invisalign may be the righstt treatment for your child. For more information about Invisalign clear aligners, or to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Ana E. Castilla and Castilla Orthodontics near Stayton, OR, call: (503) 399-0721

Is Invisalign Teen Right for My Child?

For teens, the idea of undergoing orthodontic treatment may be a stressful prospect. No one wants to look at photos of their teenage-era summer vacation, cousin’s graduation party, or everyday Instagram candids and feel self-conscious about their smiles. Fortunately, traditional metal braces are no longer the only option for teenage orthodontic treatment; now there’s Invisalign Teen.

Castilla Orthodontics in Salem, OR offers their patients treatment with Invisalign Teen, a custom solution just for teens that is more comfortable and less obvious than traditional braces and is equally effective in most cases. If you or your child is interested in this treatment, read these important points from Dr. Ana Castilla:

Invisalign Teen:

A series of clear, plastic aligner trays that are custom made to fit over the teeth. They work in the same way as traditional braces do to gently move teeth to their optimal positions within the mouth and deliver a straight and healthy smile. Patients in Salem, OR may believe that they are not eligible for treatment with Invisalign because they have a complicated or unique case. Dr. Ana Castilla treats patients with a range of orthodontic treatment needs with Invisalign.

Invisalign Teen is removable.

Invisalign Teen gives the wearer the freedom to eat the foods they love without having to be concerned about damage to their teeth or dental work. Invisalign is removable by the wearer to eat, brush, floss, and clean the aligner tray, so care and maintenance is easy. Invisalign allows the wearer the freedom to participate in sports or play a musical instrument because Invisalign is removable. Because Invisalign is removable, it can be forgotten or misplaced. Dr. Ana Castilla reminds Invisalign Teen patients to be conscientious about keeping the Invisalign tray safe and secure while it is not being worn.

Invisalign Teen is completely clear.

Invisalign Teen gives patients in Salem, OR the opportunity to feel fully confident in their smiles while undergoing treatment. Only the patient wearing the Invisalign aligners can tell they’re there, making for a more cosmetically pleasing system than traditional metal braces. Treatment with Invisalign, like any other orthodontic treatment system, requires the patient to wear a retainer to ensure long-lasting results after treatment.

Invisalign Teen is the clear alternative to braces for teenage patients needing orthodontic treatment in Salem, OR. To learn more about treatment with Invisalign Teen, visit Castilla Orthodontics in Salem, OR or contact Dr. Ana Castilla at: 503.399.0721