Braces are not the end of a journey to create a beautiful smile. They’re just the beginning.

Braces are an investment in your smile and oral health that should last for your lifetime. The Retain My Smile program can help you meet this goal and get the most out of your braces.

What Is a Retainer?

Retainers are an essential part of continuing care following the removal of braces, and the retention phase is just as important as your time in braces. At Castilla Orthodontics, we include a set of retainers for this phase of your treatment.

Our retainers are made from high-quality thermoplastic specifically designed for post-treatment retainers. The material is very durable, delivering the perfect blend of stress retention, crack resistance, and stain resistance properties. The retainers used here at Castilla Orthodontics will help you keep your new smile for a lifetime.

Lifetime Retainer Wear

After braces removal, patients will need to wear retainers full-time, day and night for two months to prevent the teeth from shifting back into their old positions. Full-time means that you should wear the retainers for around 22 hours each day, only removing them to eat, drink, brush, and floss. After completing this stage, patients can transition to nighttime wear every day for around 8-10 hours while sleeping.

Because you should be regularly wearing your retainers, you will want to ensure that you take proper care of them. These practices will also ensure that you maintain a good-looking smile for years to come.

These practices include:

  • Bringing your retainers to any appointments where dental work is being done (e.g. fillings)
  • Keeping the case handy to store your retainers properly
  • Cleaning the retainers regularly
  • Keeping the retainers out of the heat

Understandably, the prospect of lifetime retainer wear can seem daunting. Yet, a retainer allows you to preserve the time, effort, and cost of straightening your teeth in the first place. Our team is here for you both during and after treatment to help answer questions and address any concerns you may have. To best serve you post-treatment, we have our Retainer Boss program for any questions you have about retainer wear, fit, or issues.

Retain My Smile Program

We understand that accidents happen, and retainers can be lost or broken over the years. At Castilla Orthodontics, we offer a valuable program to our patients called the Retain My Smile program. This program is optional and can be chosen as an add-on to the total cost of treatment. Retain My Smile allows patients to purchase any replacement retainers for a small co-pay for up to 10 years after their braces come off. We have found that over the years, patients will sometimes allow their smile to relapse if they cannot afford to purchase replacement retainers after losing or breaking a retainer. Dr. Castilla wants to minimize any obstacles to our patients being able to maintain their smiles after treatment! For more information about this program, ask one of our team members today.

Your Orthodontic Needs Are Important to Us

At Castilla Orthodontics, we put patient satisfaction first. Our bilingual team prioritizes patient communication to ensure we are all on the same page regarding your care. Contact our team today for more information on the benefits of retainers.