Listen to what our patients have to say about their 5-star experience with us!


Read what our patients are saying about their 5-star experience with us!

Erika V.
21:53 05 Jul 22
friendly and welcoming environment! staff is always very helpful and Dr. Castilla is the best.
Marcela A.
16:48 05 Jul 22
The office staff was super friendly and got me in super quick even though I was slightly late! Super sweet and a very nice office.
Lilly S.
20:47 01 Jul 22
Been going here for around seven months. The energy is always high and welcoming.
Jackie D.
18:04 01 Jul 22
Daisy is wonderful! She was super helpful when I went in for my appointment today!
Nancy R.
00:24 01 Jul 22
I had a great experience at Castilla orthodontist I definitely recommend going here
Josii T.
23:48 30 Jun 22
pretty fast, they’re nice. Cool place 👍
Deborah G.
23:37 30 Jun 22
They are super nice And kind
Andrea De H.
23:24 30 Jun 22
I've been coming here for a year now but I noticed a big difference in my teeth within the first few months. The staff is super friendly and helpful.
Carmen V.
23:19 30 Jun 22
Staff is always super friendly!
22:25 30 Jun 22
I came here for braces and have been very impressed with the quality of service. Very friendly and welcoming staff. Would recommend!
Delfina L.
23:13 29 Jun 22
Me trataron muy bien son cuidadosas
Rosa M.
23:12 29 Jun 22
Maria H.
16:58 29 Jun 22
It has been a great experience getting my braces here, helpful staff and great service
Karina R
23:36 28 Jun 22
They have always been very nice and friendly.
Daisy M.
22:57 28 Jun 22
Had one of the best experience with Dr. Castilla. Such a professional yet welcoming team she has.
Lorena R.
00:01 25 Jun 22
Great staff and flexible:)
Daniela Aguilar G.
22:04 20 Jun 22
It’s a great place to get your braces at!:)
Karla A.
16:31 20 Jun 22
I love coming to my appointments, greet you in a friendly matter, always flexible with appts, very understanding.
Daddy Hugo R.
15:48 16 Jun 22
very friendly
Karen P.
21:31 15 Jun 22
I highly recommend!! They are so friendly and welcoming! They made sure to go through information very thoroughly
Shelly B.
15:14 15 Jun 22
Amazing place. Super excited to start the process.
Trisha B.
15:12 15 Jun 22
This is an amazing place to go. They work with you on payments and are super friendly.
Candi R.
22:30 13 Jun 22
This place is very friendly and so sweet I made the best coming here for my daughter!!
Dustin T.
16:16 09 Jun 22
My daughter has been going here for awhile now waiting to get braces. They have been great with the updates/process of waiting until her teeth are ready! Highly recommend.
Compa I.
18:29 08 Jun 22
The best❤️❤️❤️
16:41 08 Jun 22
Me gusto mucho te atienden bien
Amner A.
16:38 08 Jun 22
Definitely recommend to come to castillas ! The people are super nice and will definitely take care of you and your teeth ! 🙂
Litzy G.
16:34 07 Jun 22
I was referred here and heard great news. Excited to get started myself!
Cynthia A.
17:56 06 Jun 22
This place is so amazing! Everything is affordable and I recommend this place to anyone who wants braces!
Diana L.
17:40 06 Jun 22
Amazing team, super friendly! Would recommend 10/10
Tiffany F.
17:33 06 Jun 22
I love how friendly the staff are they make the experience a lot better as I have anxiety with this type of stuff🥰
Hilary W.
16:04 06 Jun 22
My experience over the past 2 Years with Castilla has been awesome , the patience of the staff , they go beyond my expectations to make sure that I am comfortable , I have never had a problem with scheduling , or payments very understanding staff . Best money ever spent .. for GREAT SERVICE
Mojo21 :.
22:16 02 Jun 22
They are very professional and nice ppl. They have treated very well through out my whole experience and are awesome ppl
Aaron G.
22:40 01 Jun 22
Very friendly people. They answer everything asked and the environment is very welcoming. Definitely recommend.
Kaylee B.
20:52 01 Jun 22
Very professional, the most affordable in town, and my teeth look great! Very pleased with the care I received and I would recommend Castilla Orthodontics to anyone.
Kiara C.
18:53 01 Jun 22
My whole family has been here for there braces & we absolutely love this place !! Best Orthodontist in Salem Area!!
anaiah m
16:29 01 Jun 22
staff all very nice and professional
23:24 31 May 22
I enjoyed the environment
Rubi S.
23:06 31 May 22
Very friendly and quick to the point. They have so many options and are very patient.
Luis E.
22:05 31 May 22
Always I have awesome service!! 🤩🤩🤩
Rasecnmm 8 S.
20:34 31 May 22
Una buena experiencia iniciar y muy bien atendido…gracias
Jules E.
17:08 31 May 22
Awesome communication, quick and efficient, great with first time appointments, especially for kids, highly recommend!
Maria M.
16:31 31 May 22
Great care, treat my TMJ with excellent service!!
maria L.
19:18 27 May 22
Really nice staff, nice environment 🙂
Aaron C.
04:17 27 May 22
I went in to get evaluated and had a great experience.
O'Neill F.
02:48 26 May 22
Thank you Castilla Orthodontics for taking such good care of us!
Jaylene O.
23:15 25 May 22
employees are nice , they gave good prices and payments plans
Elianna R.
23:14 25 May 22
was greeted with warm smiles , employees are super kind. the place is kept very clean.
Mari C.
19:44 25 May 22
very nice! (((:
Andrea V.
15:32 25 May 22
love the staff and very comfortable! Always super nice!
Melissa G.
23:30 24 May 22
All the staff are friendly and professional! Our friends and family love this place. Highly recommend!
Tatyana A.
23:18 24 May 22
Loved my experience getting my braces for the first time. Evelin was great!
Jessica V.
21:34 24 May 22
Excellent service & super friendly staff that are efficient but also give quality!
Lupe R.
18:26 24 May 22
Everyone is super friendly!
Jasmin M.
17:43 24 May 22
They are so nice and I love coming here Thankyou so my beautiful braces
Carolaina L.
16:45 24 May 22
Love the vide in the place everyone is so nice as soon as you walk in I would say you should definitely come and try it out for yourself!!
Nan B.
15:55 24 May 22
They were awesome through this process of braces. My daughters teeth look amazing!
Trish W.
22:09 23 May 22
These ladies were very friendly and helpful! I’m so happy to be starting this journey with my daughter! Thank you guys for the easiest process ever!!!!
W01492 B.
21:51 23 May 22
I have two daughters that both have loved their experience at Castilla’s. The staff is always friendly and profesional from the receptionists to the orthodontist. Thank you for the happy smiles!
Mayra I.
17:23 19 May 22
Very friendly place! I love coming to my appointments, greet you in a friendly matter, always flexible with appts, very understanding & fun people here! Luckily I got my brother in here & our progress have been tremendous and awesome!
Katie W.
16:40 19 May 22
Great staff and a very talented orthodontics staff.
marisol M.
16:14 19 May 22
Very nice staff, attended me right when I got here.
Katie M.
15:31 19 May 22
Great service and helped me reach my smile I am proud of.
Marilynn S.
22:07 18 May 22
Recommend this place, great flexible pricing! 👍🏽
Josh D.
19:05 18 May 22
Travel an hour because they are the best !
Lysander G.
19:38 17 May 22
Great service good people
Zay killa 3.
17:13 17 May 22
Nice peopleA way better experience than I thought I was gonna have
Giselle B.
20:30 04 May 22
I 100% recommend this place everyone is very kind and helpful!
19:44 04 May 22
Truly amazing n kind!!!. First time here ☺️:)
17:50 04 May 22
As soon as I walked in I was greeted and the workers were super nice very clean and neat coming from another orthotics I was well treated (:
Marii C.
16:00 04 May 22
Enjoyed the visit😊 Staff was really nice and helpful...
Savanah A.
05:22 04 May 22
Love the environment definitely recommended choosing this orthodontist for your braces everyone there is amazing
Joseph H.
22:53 03 May 22
I have been really looking forward to my consultation. Upon walking in, the energy and vibe felt amazing! The office environment is very friendly and welcoming, I definitely recommend this place!
Camile L.
21:47 03 May 22
The staff are all wonderful and they make things easy to understand
Aleasha C.
21:11 02 May 22
Castillo Orthodontics have done an amazing job on my Daughters braces.
Paulina J.
23:00 29 Apr 22
Got my braces here and the workers are very kind
mayce O.
16:41 29 Apr 22
love the positivity here wouldn’t wanna go anywhere else 🙂
Gabriella M.
15:20 29 Apr 22
Super great
Andrea M.
23:49 28 Apr 22
They were so helpful and nice there . Love it! And highly recommend it .
EdwinGaming 1
23:10 28 Apr 22
Good and quick service
Susana G.
21:55 28 Apr 22
Me encanta mucho el servicio!
Roberta L.
19:36 28 Apr 22
Great staff.
Jaylee R.
17:48 28 Apr 22
very friendly nice place excited for my braces
Casey L.
17:46 28 Apr 22
Great service!! Very friendly my kids are excited for there braces
Eima F.
16:57 28 Apr 22
All staff is very friendly
Crystal R.
16:41 28 Apr 22
They are great the entire staff 🙂
Keiry R.
00:13 28 Apr 22
Great service! Absolutely loved this place!
Xochitl G.
19:52 27 Apr 22
Muy amables, todo profesional, Karen nos atendió bien, nos explicó todo el proceso, muy detallado, quedamos muy contentas gracias Karen
jennifer V.
19:34 27 Apr 22
I really good people there love how they work 🤎
21:58 26 Apr 22
Excelente atención. 👌
Stephanie R.
19:45 26 Apr 22
Its amazing!! everyone that works there is very nice!!
Lizbeth G.
17:10 26 Apr 22
Muy experiencia, y muy amables todo el personal.
Sharon E.
16:48 26 Apr 22
Wonderful people. Always make me feel super comfortable . Can’t go wrong with their payment plans
Renae N.
21:40 20 Apr 22
It was okay they are fairly nice
Ahmed Y.
20:09 20 Apr 22
Staff is excellent they’re extremely friendly. They squeezed me even though I arrived late for my appointment. Very professional and well-kept 🙂
Michelle M.
18:57 20 Apr 22
Castilla orthodontist always have smooth and quick appointments. Nurses are super nice and friendly all the time ! They have a very clean environment as well.
Eduardo M.
19:08 19 Apr 22
First time in for a consultation and they make you feel super comfortable! Definitely recommend!
Eliseo Q.
18:36 19 Apr 22
Super nice staff!
Jazmin R.
21:43 18 Apr 22
It’s a great place and good vibe
Liz C.
18:35 18 Apr 22
All the assistants including the doctor are so nice. They also take the time to answer any questions you may have. The office is also really clean and put together! Definitely happy I chose this orthodontist!
Glendi C.
18:27 18 Apr 22
Everytime i come they treat me with such generosity i love this place! Totally recommend if you’re trying to get braces and are on a budget!
Akeimy T.
22:19 13 Apr 22
I love how my smile is looking as of right now I look forward to seeing it when finished !
Bianca V.
21:59 13 Apr 22
brittany was super nice and didn’t make me uncomfortable at any point. love coming here always good vibes.
Rachel A
18:36 13 Apr 22
Amazing service and friendly
Yvette Ruby B.
23:56 12 Apr 22
Amazing dental assistants with great attitude and very caring for their patients. All around great employees who provide good service and quality care!
Meghan F.
22:25 12 Apr 22
always helped when there was an accident, every broken bracket
Lacey G.
19:07 12 Apr 22
Best ortho ever , my daughter is very happy !
Miriam M.
16:32 12 Apr 22
First time coming in for an appointment myself and I was very pleasantly surprised at how clean and friendly the staff is. Very quick and efficient and thorough with everything. Definitely a good choice and happy with my decision!
Jennifer T.
15:48 06 Apr 22
Really welcoming and they made everything so easy to understand!!
Bianca L.
21:35 05 Apr 22
She was awesome,her energy was great .
Laura M.
23:58 04 Apr 22
Muy amables, y Excelentes en atenderme me encanto el servicio que dan...
Moises S.
19:35 04 Apr 22
Amazing they were really nice and friendly.
Diana E.
18:27 04 Apr 22
Wonderful place, friendly people!! They always answered questions nicely and always made me feel welcomed. Thank you for giving me a better smile!!! Would definitely recommend to everyone! Dr. Castilla is the best.
Destiny U.
18:21 04 Apr 22
They are really friendly
Rafielo F.
22:48 31 Mar 22
Dawn is an awesome person and they have really good service
Maria Vazquez P.
21:57 31 Mar 22
Todos son muy amables y pueden acompasar las citas base a tu schedule! Y tienen muy buen ambiente de trabajo, I like how they have free cold water bottles for their patients! Very clean and quiet place!
Erika A.
21:52 31 Mar 22
Excelente servicio! El personal es muy amable y cortes 100% recomendado!
Gris L.
18:01 31 Mar 22
Muy buen servicio mucha amabilidadRespuestas buenas y claras a todas las preguntas exelente servicio 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Kärlä R.
17:21 31 Mar 22
This place is amazing they treat you like family you get welcomed I feel like home I really recommend it
Desiree R.
16:13 31 Mar 22
My daughter got her braces done here. They did a great job.
Joel M.
04:03 31 Mar 22
Excellent team to work with! The staff has been very helpful with the orthodontic process (scheduling, insurance billing, questions, orthodontic information).
Carlos Ramirez C.
23:52 30 Mar 22
The staff here is great and make you feel like at home! definitely would recommend!
Patricia Alvarado A.
19:09 30 Mar 22
I love coming here the staffing is so friendly 100% recommend
Elisa Z.
15:39 30 Mar 22
Nice people!
Amber B.
21:29 29 Mar 22
Always super friendly & very welcoming!
15:42 29 Mar 22
I love how they are always welcoming and the workers are amazing at what they do!
Natasha M.
20:31 27 Mar 22
Love the fun, inviting atmosphere in the office. My son is comfortable and never fearful of coming in!
Karen V.
19:05 25 Mar 22
They treat you well and they are really nice
Ana S.
16:15 25 Mar 22
Soy muy amables te atienden pronto
Daisey R.
22:32 23 Mar 22
very nice workers.
RedRobot. S.
22:05 23 Mar 22
Very friendly and helpful and fantastic payment plan options to make treatment affordable!
Angelica A.
18:31 23 Mar 22
Realy nice and love there energy!
Kimberly D.
16:32 23 Mar 22
Very kind people they did an amazing job and where there with me from the start i loved coming here and recommend to all
Natalia F.
15:51 23 Mar 22
I love everything, everyone has always been super nice
daisy G.
17:34 22 Mar 22
Nicest people ever!!
Mailynn M.
19:02 21 Mar 22
Very kind staffGreat work
Ebelyn R.
23:26 16 Mar 22
Very friendly and helpful
Maggie V.
19:37 16 Mar 22
Really love going here! Staff is very friendly and they help me with whatever I need.