Listen to what our patients have to say about their 5-star experience with us!


Read what our patients are saying about their 5-star experience with us!

estella V.
04:04 28 Mar 23
Great service, everyone was very nice.
Giovanna G.
22:01 27 Mar 23
Great service, definitely recommend!
noah M.
23:33 24 Mar 23
I’ve had my braces on for almost a year now and Every time i’ve come in for an appointment, i've received perfect care from start to finish,The office staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating, making me feel comfortable and welcome every time I visited would highly recommend if you’ve been searching for a orthodontist.
Cindy R.
21:53 22 Mar 23
Very friendly staff! Always very helpful!
Esthela G.
21:23 22 Mar 23
Great atmosphere & great care. All the staff is great! Glad I chose Castillas for my son’s ortho care.
20:41 22 Mar 23
Buen servicio ya llevo un año en tratamiento y estoy satisfecho, espero con ancias seguir con mi tratamiento.
20:38 22 Mar 23
Esta bueno el servicio
Liz Ela O.
20:36 22 Mar 23
El anuncio de Castilla Orthodontics lo vi en Internet y no dude en venir a buscar el tratamiento de mis 2 hijos, hasta ahora hemos recibido un buen trato de parte del personal y la Doctora. Recomiendo 100% venir y tomar tratamiento; además de tener un buen plan de pagos al alcance del bolsillo de todos, y si nesecita hacer un cambio en sus pagos por cualquier cosa ellos amablemente te comprenden y te ayudan. Gracias por todo.😃🪥🪥💉💉
Margarita R.
19:29 22 Mar 23
Son equipos muy profecionales con las citas. Lo recomiendo
Ariana E.
21:52 21 Mar 23
Very friendly staff and such a welcoming place! Came in for a consultation and immediately felt welcomed by all the staff and the environment! Would definitely recommend to everyone!
America H.
18:47 21 Mar 23
The people here are very nice and treat me well. Told me I had a nice smile. Made my day
Marlene G.
18:46 21 Mar 23
Very friendly and fast service! Love coming here. The people here make you feel welcome.
Libni M.
16:27 17 Mar 23
everyone is really nice , really like how they always have music playing !
a nna R.
18:13 16 Mar 23
I love the music they play while getting my teeth worked on!
Lilly E.
23:00 15 Mar 23
COMPLETELY RECOMMEND! I just had my appointment to put my braces on yesterday and everyone was soo soo nice. I was nervous at first but when I got there the vibe was super welcoming, they also play some very good music which also made me feel more comfortable. The $0 down also made it feel very less stressful. I definitely recommend Castilla orthodontics!! I love my outcome
Cristina Sanchez H.
22:58 15 Mar 23
Me encanta el servicio que ofrecen tanto los doctores como las enfermeras. Y cuando uno llega al lugar tienen un ambiente super relajado. 100% recomendado.
21:40 15 Mar 23
When taking my first steps into this company, I was greeted by very nice staff. Everyone was very nice. The lady( dawn)that was taking my x rays was super helpful and great:))
Kristell G.
18:31 14 Mar 23
Staff is really nice and very helpful
Yair H.
15:38 14 Mar 23
the staff is awesome!! They know what they’re doing 🤘
Juan G.
18:20 09 Mar 23
They r rlly nice
Audrey P.
18:04 09 Mar 23
They are very friendly, efficient and affordable!!! The staff is wonderful and I would highly recommend them if you want to get yourself a beautiful smile!
Camila L.
18:55 08 Mar 23
Súper recomendable, son muy amables y me siento muy cómoda con mi tratamiento
jackie H.
18:31 08 Mar 23
I had a great experience at Castillas , the whole experience was great , the staff was very nice and welcoming.
Olga Z.
21:16 07 Mar 23
They have really friendly and amazing customer service. I love that they walk you through everything so you know the process.
Claudia E.
17:30 07 Mar 23
I drove from Southern Oregon to get my braces at Castilla Orthodontics. Everyone is friendly and service is amazing.
Rachel A
21:54 06 Mar 23
I've been with Castilla for some time now, and since the beginning they have been really kind. I trust all their staff members with my dental care. Thank you Castilla Orthodontics for always providing a great experience.
Nathyelli L
21:11 06 Mar 23
I first came to Castilla Orthodontics for a consultation and I ended up getting braces that same day. Castilla Orthodontics made this a possibility for me. The staff is always so friendly and attentive, the office is neat and clean. I highly recommend Castilla to friends and family. 💗
Miguel V.
20:44 06 Mar 23
Great and kind workers !
Maria M.
19:44 06 Mar 23
Most wonderful environment to be in! I had a panic attack one time while I was discussing my dental plan, and they stopped everything to make sure I was fine, and even provided water for me! Castillas orthodontics is filled with amazing staff ❤️
21:12 02 Mar 23
Great place, clean, good service, and nice people.
Andrea V.
23:44 01 Mar 23
Very welcoming and friendly staff. Quick and professional. Would highly recommend!
Nancy N.
18:51 01 Mar 23
Gracias por su ayuda.
Bella M.
22:42 28 Feb 23
Muy buena atencion
Nate W.
21:58 28 Feb 23
The castilla team has made my journey through braces a breeze, they make you feel at home and provide great quality care.
Castilla orthodontics es una clínica que brinda el mejor servicio, hacen muy buen trabajo y todos sus trabajadores son muy amables y cuidadosos al hacer su trabajo!
Christina R.
21:17 28 Feb 23
Very good place to put braces on, they are very friendly and attentive to customers, and the payments are super good. Personally, I put my braces on first and now my daughter does too, and she is delighted with the results. Good place, I recommend it 👌
Timothy O.
16:45 27 Feb 23
Granddaughter goes here she can’t wait to get braces! Good place!
Natalie Rodriguez T.
20:21 23 Feb 23
Castillas is the best, all there employees are the best 🤍 and there always energetic and I like that they make you feel comfortable 🤍🤍
Yaneth A.
16:40 21 Feb 23
I have been a patient of Castilla Orthodontics since September, they have always been super friendly and nice, they answer all of my question and concerns, I’m so glad I choose them for my new smile journey 😊
Zuany Robles C.
04:05 21 Feb 23
Everyone was super welcoming, & helpful. I would highly recommend this place.
alicia P.
22:50 16 Feb 23
All the staff at Castilla Ortho are always so friendly and helpful. They have made my experience with braces very enjoyable. Definitely recommend to everyone!
Macy B.
22:26 16 Feb 23
I have had nothing but great experience with, very affordable and they work with you. I recommend them to everyone!
Aylin M.
21:45 16 Feb 23
Very friendly staff and super clean facility! highly recommended!
23:28 15 Feb 23
Castilla Orthodontics the best in Salem and yolanda is a W employee.
Adrian G.
23:50 14 Feb 23
Les recomiendo ,Castilla orthodontics, tienen buen trato, amables profecionales, y un ambiente agradable, que Brinda confianza.
El G.
19:21 14 Feb 23
Buenos servicios
19:05 14 Feb 23
The staff here and always very helpful and gentle with you
Lesli V.
23:09 09 Feb 23
Very flexible with scheduling and payments and it’s honestly worth the 45min drive for me!
Andrea R.
23:48 08 Feb 23
Great communication and always able to get help when something wrong happens with my braces. They are all nice and make my appointments as easy as they can be !! Would recommend!!!
Silvia A.
19:29 08 Feb 23
This office is amazing the stuff is really good, doctors Castilla are also really carrying and nice they always have a smile on them. I totally recommend it.
lupe O.
18:07 08 Feb 23
Very welcoming and nice as a first patient here.
Felicia A.
23:14 07 Feb 23
The staff were extremely friendly and made me comfortable throughout the whole experience!! Definitely recommend!
Maliek R.
22:23 07 Feb 23
Consultation went great, shorter treatment plan and much more affordable than all of the other orthodontists I’ve visited in the area! Very friendly, helpful, and accommodating staff. So excited to get started!
22:39 02 Feb 23
I really being here there so kind to me. They treat us so well. They’re so amazing. I’m so thankful to have them. Thanks so them and all the worker in Castilla.
Melissa O.
18:31 01 Feb 23
They have helped me so much with my dental journey , took care of everything I needed and always listen to any feedback I have . The assistants there all deserve a raise and make coming here enjoyable !
Daisy C.
01:28 01 Feb 23
I enjoyed the staff here at Castillos Orthodontist! Everyone was very informative and helpful.
Will A.
00:20 01 Feb 23
Me gusta q son muy amables y m atienden en español y su trabajo es muy garantizado
Coupons&Junk O.
00:09 01 Feb 23
Highly recommend!!
Jovany G.
20:00 31 Jan 23
Great Place To Get Braces
00:53 31 Jan 23
Good and kind people
Kimberly M.
23:54 30 Jan 23
The people here are very nice
Martha P.
21:38 30 Jan 23
Martha Perez , buena atención grasias
Hermanas A.
17:26 25 Jan 23
It’s my first time coming to Castilla Orthodontics and I loved it so much. Everyone is so nice and welcoming .I highly recommend you come and take advantage of their service here. THANK YOU CASTILLA ORTHODONTICS FOR YOU GREAT WORK!!
Edward L.
23:46 24 Jan 23
They are always so nice to talk too. I always feel like I’m home when I’m there much love for this place!
Esperanza Ochoa R.
20:42 24 Jan 23
Fun and clean environment, great service, very friendly and very flexible with scheduling and payment options. 11/10 would recommend.
Diana O.
20:38 24 Jan 23
They do an amazing job 🙂 Love it?
Elia P.
19:57 24 Jan 23
Great customer service every time we are here!!
Gabriella S.
19:06 24 Jan 23
Good experience here don’t regret coming to get my braces here, the staff is so nice!!
Monica D.
17:35 19 Jan 23
Everyone is so friendly and professional, great environment and great work.
Lily K.
23:48 18 Jan 23
Great place 👍👍
Danielle E.
08:34 14 Jan 23
Amazing service and very professional
Mariah L.
23:10 11 Jan 23
Very kind staff
yareli S.
22:07 11 Jan 23
This place has some amazing caring staff. Never had a problem and love how fast they have been with me. Started my journey about a yr ago and I have seen some dramatic change and im in love of how its coming out!
Ahna G.
21:35 11 Jan 23
Very kind employees , manageable payments and always flexible with your appointments, the staff is great and have been taking great care of my teeth.
kyndra H.
21:29 11 Jan 23
The Castilla team members are so nice, and helpful. I highly recommend them!
Mackenzie L.
20:27 11 Jan 23
Castilla orthodontics has been amazing for me I have been there for almost two years and my teeth look amazing I am so happy with how they are turning out and the staff there is amazing and so nice
Ysenia F.
19:24 11 Jan 23
I can’t even describe how awesome this orthodontics is. Super professional very down to earth workers. My family and friends have gone to them for years now and recommended me to them. I absolutely recommend them to anyone wanting braces.
eilene R.
21:54 10 Jan 23
A very welcoming place! With great staff
Juana A.
00:38 10 Jan 23
I have had a great time at Castilla’s. Their staff is very friendly. Highly recommend this place for anyone needing/wanting braces.
Marleen C.
23:46 05 Jan 23
The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I went in and I got a price and I was able to go the following week to start by treatment. Really recommend.
Monique S.
23:57 04 Jan 23
my first time coming in was great , the workers were all very nice and attended me right away , they also explained everything to me so perfectly I didn’t need to ask questions , the place is very neat and clean , they walk you through the process so you’re able to easily understand what’s going on and what’s going to go on during your appointment . I felt safe right away walking into this place .
Chey P.
18:09 04 Jan 23
I love how they work with anyone to get braces. They make the payments to meet everyone’s budget. They help people pick the plan that is right for them. I have referred friends and family members to them.
Dwayne N.
19:00 30 Dec 22
The staff are really nice. My teeth look way better after I went there.
Berenice A.
18:58 30 Dec 22
I’ve had a great ortho experience. Staff is friendly and very professional. Text messaging is very helpful and they reply quickly!
fabiola R.
20:18 29 Dec 22
Everyone is very positive and welcoming every time I come in .
19:10 28 Dec 22
Really flexible and work with me to get in! Really fast and respectful team!
Hazel D.
19:03 28 Dec 22
I have had my braces for about 10 months the process had been great! Everyone is very kind and my teeth are looking good
Lesly V.
17:55 28 Dec 22
very nice & attentive!
dalia R.
20:54 27 Dec 22
Wonderful services every appointment. Love how they walk you through every step of your journey!!
smiley R.
17:56 27 Dec 22
Great service nice workers very welcoming 10/10 would recommend
Lourdes J.
17:53 27 Dec 22
Friendly and the start process is fast.
Neythan R.
17:50 27 Dec 22
Nice staff very helpful and talkative definitely recommend
April P.
16:58 27 Dec 22
Love it, everyone is so kind! I recommended my nephew here so he gets his braces here