Comprehensive orthodontic treatment in Salem, OR, can address all your concerns about your smile. Our team at Castilla Orthodontics provides complete services to our patients regardless of age. We take your concerns seriously.

Our office offers many treatment options for adjusting jaw position, tooth placement, and bite.

Comparing Comprehensive and Limited Orthodontic Services

Orthodontic treatments in Salem generally involve the use of braces. Braces change the alignment of your teeth over time by exerting pressure on them. However, Dr. Castilla has multiple options to change the position of your teeth.

In some cases, Dr. Castilla may focus on limited orthodontic treatment. Generally, limited treatments focus only on straightening the teeth in your upper or lower jaw. These processes can improve the appearance of your smile.

However, focusing solely on teeth straightening may not address issues with your bite alignment or jaw positioning. As a result, you may experience continued discomfort or even pain. Fortunately, comprehensive orthodontic services at Castilla Orthodontics resolve these issues, setting us apart from limited services.

Treatments Associated with Comprehensive Orthodontic Care

What does comprehensive orthodontic treatment consist of in Salem, OR? Not every comprehensive orthodontic care plan includes the same treatments. Instead, Dr. Castilla personalizes each treatment plan to resolve your unique issues. Treatments may involve:


Braces adjust the placement of your teeth and can also help with bite alignment. You have numerous options for choosing braces in Salem, OR. Besides traditional metal braces, Dr. Castilla offers ceramic braces, a less noticeable option for straightening your teeth.


After Dr. Castilla removes your braces, your teeth go through a period where they can easily slip back into their previous misalignment. To prevent any shifting, it’s recommended that you continue to wear your retainer as directed throughout your lifetime.

We know how hard you’ve worked to achieve your smile goals, so we want to guarantee that you keep this amazing smile! We offer an in-house retainer program, Retain My Smile, to help you properly protect your smile once the braces are off. For more information, ask our team about this program and how we can help you get the most out of your braces treatment.

Follow-Up Treatments

Our office offers follow-up treatments to maintain the positioning of your teeth. Our Guarantee My Smile program allows you to contact us at any time if you notice changes or shifts to your teeth positioning.

Under this program, Dr. Castilla can replace your braces if that is your preference. We charge a flat-rate fee for each month you wear the braces. Dr. Castilla will remove them once your teeth return to their correct positioning and you are satisfied with their appearance.

We want you to be happy about the state of your smile in Salem. Reach out to Dr. Castilla to discuss both limited and comprehensive options for orthodontic care.

Time Frame for Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment in Salem, OR

How long does comprehensive orthodontic treatment normally take? Our team doesn’t try to fit orthodontic care into a one-size-fits-all box. Instead, Dr. Castilla will assess your unique situation and develops a customized treatment. Only then can she give you a realistic time estimate.

The time frame for your treatment mainly depends on the number of changes required to give you the smile you want. Generally, treatment takes around 18 months. However, it may take longer based on the original positions of your teeth, the state of your bite, and other issues.

Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatments for All Ages

Generally, adolescents respond more quickly to comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Their bones are not yet fully set into place, making it easier for Dr. Castilla to adjust the position of their teeth or jaw. However, you can seek orthodontic care at any age to achieve your perfect smile.
You can benefit from completing a comprehensive treatment program regardless of your age. Bringing your teeth and jaw into correct alignment gives you these results:

  • Makes caring for your teeth easier
  • Lets you easily clean all your teeth
  • Reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease

Additionally, addressing issues with your bite can reduce undue pressure on your teeth. This lessened pressure helps decrease overall wear and tear to your teeth, making them more durable.