Are you interested in teeth whitening services in Salem, OR? You can reach out to our team at Castilla Orthodontics to go over your options for this popular treatment.

Castilla Orthodontics Offers Teeth Whitening Services

Many patients picture whiter teeth when imagining their perfect smile. Dr. Castilla understands your oral healthcare goals and provides comprehensive teeth whitening services for patients throughout Salem, OR. We design our teeth whitening services for patients who have had their teeth straightened.

Learn About Our Teeth Whitening Service

Castilla Orthodontics provides high-quality teeth whitening through our at-home professional whitening. We give you a tray and professional-grade whitening gel to use at home. Dr. Castilla gives detailed instructions on the proper tray usage once you get home.

The whitening gel spreads throughout the tray, which you then fit over your teeth. This gel can reach all surfaces of your teeth. As a result, it provides you with all-over whitening instead of just brightening your front teeth.

We recommend whitening gel instead whitening strips for many patients. The strips offer a minimal amount of whitening and do not address the entire surface of your teeth.

Reasons to Do Teeth Whitening in Salem

Why do patients sign up for teeth whitening services? Many of our clients decide on teeth whitening as a way to:

Get Rid of Stains

Stains develop on your teeth for many reasons. Some stains are a result of drinking certain items such as:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Red wines
  • Fruit juices
  • Sports drinks

Over time, exposure to these drinks can leave stains on your teeth that you cannot remove with brushing alone. Some medications may also stain your teeth. Additionally, smoking cigarettes often leaves stains on your teeth.

Dr. Castilla understands how stains can diminish the beauty of your smile. Our professional whitening treatments remove these stains through a powerful whitening gel. Our services will help restore your teeth to their previous appearance.

Feel More Confident

Many patients report increased confidence after undergoing a teeth whitening procedure in Salem, OR. The process gives people a brighter smile and helps them feel younger as a result.

If you’re not interested in teeth whitening trays, do not worry. You can explore other teeth whitening options with Dr. Castilla.

Can You Do Teeth Whitening While Wearing Braces?

Teeth whitening services can help you feel more confident while improving the overall look of your smile. However, teeth whitening gel has certain limitations alongside other oral health treatments. Dr. Castilla does not recommend teeth whitening for patients wearing braces.

Reasons to Avoid Teeth Whitening with Braces

Why should you avoid whitening your teeth while wearing braces? Traditional braces attach to your teeth through a series of brackets made of either metal or ceramic. These brackets cover a portion of the enamel of your teeth.

Due to these brackets, the whitening gel cannot evenly reach all surfaces of your teeth. The gel could lighten the enamel around your braces. However, once Dr. Castilla removes your braces, your teeth will have spots of different colored enamel.

Additionally, the wires and rubber bands involved with braces would make it difficult to fit the whitening trays into your mouth. The gel could even damage the rubber bands. As a result, we recommend that you not attempt to whiten your teeth while wearing braces.

Whiten Your Teeth After the Removal of Your Braces

You won’t have to wear braces forever. Dr. Castilla can discuss your options for whitening your teeth and brightening your smile after removing your braces. Having a straight and white smile can go a long way toward boosting your confidence.

If you have braces, we’ll discuss the time frame to remove them. We’ll also determine the proper schedule for your whitening procedure when you reach out to us.

Price for Teeth Whitening in Salem, OR

Our team at Castilla Orthodontics works to keep teeth whitening costs at a reasonable level. We offer a take-home service for $98. This service allows you to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home and at the most convenient time for you.