How to Care for and Wear Your Retainers

This is an informational video for patients that have completed orthodontic treatment and are now using retainers.

How to Replace Your Orthodontic Separators/Spacers at home.

This video provides a hands-on demonstration on how to put on your orthodontics separators (aka. spacers) at home if they come loose.

How to Turn Your Palatal Expander

This is an instructional video for turning your palatal expander during orthodontic treatment with Castilla Orthodontics in Salem, OR.

How to Wear Your Rubber Bands

This video gives instructions for wearing orthodontic elastics during treatment.

What to Eat and Not to Eat with Braces

This video shares information on what foods are safe to eat, and what foods you should avoid while wearing braces in Salem, OR.

How to Fix a Pokey Wire

This video offers solutions for common issues encountered with orthodontic wires while wearing braces.