Braces still have many misconceptions. One major misconception is that braces are only for children, teens, or young adults. However, many adults are increasingly turning to braces to get the smile they’ve always wanted.

Is It Ever Too Late to Get Braces?

It’s never too late to get braces. While it is true that most people get orthodontic treatment while they are young, our office actually sees a lot of adult patients. Why are so many adults seeking treatment?

It varies from person to person, but we commonly see adults because they now have the income to care for their smiles. In addition to this, we’ve made great progress to make a healthy smile accessible to everyone. Other patients may have already had braces, but have failed to wear their retainer. For former patients of Castilla orthodontics, we offer the Guarantee My Smile program.

This program is a cutting-edge service we offer to patients who have been through orthodontic treatment with Castilla. Once you or your child finishes treatment, the patient can come back anytime to have braces put back on. We truly are passionate about making perfect smiles accessible to all and Guarantee My Smile ensures just that. Find out more info on Guarantee My Smile here!

Additional reasons for adult braces include oral health changes or damage. For instance, an accident involving the jaws, gums, or mouth might require adjustment with braces.

You may be considering braces for these or other reasons. The professionals at Castilla Orthodontics can evaluate your condition and offer personalized recommendations.

What Options Are Available for Braces?

Many people hesitate to get braces for adults because of the awkward image associated with them. In particular, some adults may feel standard metal braces are an aesthetically displeasing option.

Thankfully, changes have made it possible for patients to have a say in their treatment. Metal brackets and rubber bands now come in a variety of colors. While making braces more noticeable might seem to defy logic, color options give patients a sense of style throughout their treatment.

Also, patients can now choose from numerous types of braces. First, they can choose from classic metal braces that involve gluing metal brackets to the front of each tooth and connecting them by a thin wire. Manual tightening of the wire adjusts the teeth over time, resulting in a permanent change in tooth alignment.

Gold braces are another option. The gold or champagne color of these braces complements natural tooth color. As a result, these braces’ shade makes them less prominent and gives a more fashionable and sophisticated appearance.

Clear braces are also a great option. Their clear shade blends seamlessly with the teeth. As a result, they stand out the least, making them a popular choice for braces for adults.

You can’t go wrong with any of these options since they deliver the same great results. Our team can tell you everything you need to know about the best braces option for you.

Cost of Braces

Castilla Orthodontics has broken away from a traditional pricing model. Our patient’s final price will vary because of insurance and payment plans, but every patient’s total cost will be the same price. This is our commitment to fair treatment for every patient who walks through our doors. To find out more info on what this price will be for you, contact our office today!

Care of Braces

Meticulous care of braces prevents broken wiring that could cause discomfort and add more costs to treatment. Patients with braces should:

  • Wear mouth guards when participating in contact sports
  • Take more time brushing and flossing to flush out leftover food from the braces
  • Refrain from eating hard or chewy foods that may damage the braces

Services Provided by Castilla Orthodontics

Castilla Orthodontics is an orthodontic specialty team providing oral health care to kids, teens, and adults. Our mission is to offer affordable quality care to create long-lasting, beautiful smiles while improving patient experiences.

Castilla Orthodontics can fix any smile. However, we understand that the journey to a beautiful smile isn’t always straightforward.

Our office is the only provider of the “Guarantee My Smile” program in the Mid-Valley area. If you forget your retainer and your smile begins to slip back into its former state, we can put braces back on for $149 per month.

Furthermore, we know that after braces removal, teeth are sometimes less white than they once were. Castilla Orthodontics offers a take-home whitening gel for purchase following braces removal.

Our additional patient-centric benefits include a bilingual team, same-day braces, and our amazing retainer replacement program.