Getting braces allows you to straighten your teeth and get the smile you’ve always wanted. After your braces come off, you have to keep your teeth aligned by wearing a retainer at night.

However, life can get busy. You may forget to wear your retainer as a result. Over time, you may notice your teeth shifting back to their old, misaligned positions.

If you’re in this situation, allow our team at Castilla Orthodontics to re-straighten your teeth. Our Guarantee My Smile (GMS) program enables you to keep the smile you want for a great price in Salem, OR.

Learn About Our Guarantee My Smile Program

Dr. Castilla pioneered the GMS program for Castilla Orthodontics. This program addresses many patients’ concerns about investing in braces, going through the treatment, and then having their teeth move out of alignment.

Dr. Castilla dedicates herself to giving you a healthy and happy smile for life when you turn to us for treatment. The Guarantee My Smile program allows you to come back into the office if you notice your teeth shifting position.

We reapply your braces for a low, flat-rate price. We resume your treatment until your teeth return to their correct position.

Costs for the Guarantee My Smile Program

Castilla Orthodontics offers the Guarantee My Smile program to patients who came to us for help with braces. The program involves no significant commitment on your part. You don’t have to pay for GMS upfront to qualify for the program later.

Instead, we keep our guarantee open to you. You can reach out to us if you notice your teeth changing position. We’ll then set up an appointment to assess your situation.

If you decide to reapply your braces, we charge:

  • $149 a month for metal braces
  • $179 a month for clear or gold braces

You can continue to wear the braces until you feel happy with your teeth positioning. Then, Dr. Castilla removes the braces once more. You’ll need to wear your aligner this time, but if you need to return multiple times for treatment, you can with the Guarantee My Smile program.

What to Expect After Removing Your Braces

Some orthodontic patients feel unsure of what to expect after their treatment. Many do not realize that braces removal does not mean the end of their straightening treatment. Instead, you must take additional steps to encourage your teeth to stay in the correct position.

After your braces come off, your teeth go from active movement and into “retention”, which means wearing retainers to retain your alignment. Retention is a lifelong commitment, so following Dr. Castilla’s recommendations is very important. Typically, Dr. Castilla recommends wearing retainers all day long for the first 2 months after the braces come off and then each night while you sleep thereafter.

If you do not wear your retainer as directed, your teeth will likely shift back into their previous position. Many orthodontic patients wonder if it’s worth having their teeth straightened again if they experience relapse.

Guarantee My Smile Makes It Easy to Protect Your Smile

Dr. Castilla recommends that you wear your retainer per her instructions after she removes your braces. However, she understands that her patients may slip up and forget to wear the retainer as intended.

If you have a retention relapse, you can contact us and get expert help readjusting your smile. Our Guarantee My Smile program makes it easy to correct shifts in your teeth.

During the program, we:

  • Put braces back on.
  • Monitor changes in the positions of your teeth.
  • Remove the braces once you’re satisfied with your smile alignment.

We charge a monthly rate for the Guarantee My Smile program. We keep our prices low to allow our patients to get the smile they want. In addition, we do not require patients to keep the braces on for a set period to qualify for our program.

After removing your braces, Dr. Castilla will provide you with more information about maintaining your new smile. She will instruct you on when and how often to wear your retainer. Without wearing your retainer properly, your teeth could easily relapse even after additional straightening.

We value your feedback on the results of your orthodontic treatment. Dr. Castilla and her team are committed to maintaining your best smile with our Guarantee My Smile program.